Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic

Designed specifically for use on law enforcement carbines and shotguns,…

Designed specifically for use on law enforcement carbines and shotguns, the Patrol Rifle Optic has achieved a very high degree of success within the US market. Advanced product features, budget friendly price, and a unique Dealer program have all contributed to this success. The company is planning further sales and marketing efforts in order to continue to reach the customer base in 2013.

Introduced in 2011, the Patrol Rifle Optic has become the new standard in optical sighting for law enforcement agencies. The modular mounting system provided with the sight allows the PRO to be adapted to fit nearly all law enforcement weapons, and the sight is designed to take the constant abuse that police and security work delivers on a daily basis. Three years of constant- on power from a single battery ensures that the sight never needs to be turned off, so it is always ready for use. A transparent rear lens cover allows the sight to be used even with both lens covers closed under emergency conditions with both eyes open.

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  • Tactical-Life

    Hi Jeff! We’re sorry for the error – a small mix-up on our part.
    The original image you saw was for the Aimpoint FCS12 Fire Control System – we just posted about it here:

    Thanks for reading!
    -The Tactical-Life team

  • ya, that is not the picture of what they had up there this morning. What was up there this morning was something new that I have never seen before.

  • chad

    Aimpoint Comp M2 likely.

  • what is this optic in the picture… not a patrol optic… nothing like that on the web site either