Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf SPC

The .50 Beowulf was developed by Bill Alexander, a British…

The .50 Beowulf was developed by Bill Alexander, a British expatriate who now makes his home in Virginia, where his rifles and upper conversions are manufactured at Radford Army Arsenal. To overcome the possibility of damage and to ensure reliability, Bill dropped chamber pressures from the 50,000 psi (pounds per square inch) plus range of the .223 to about 33,000 psi for the .50 Beowulf. This gives a bolt velocity virtually identical to that of a rifle firing a .223 with recoil forces that are only marginally higher.

Photo by Chris RohlingFor law enforcement use, the heavy .50 caliber bullet delivers energy levels and capabilities that far surpass those of the 5.56mm or 7.62mm at typical CQB (close quarter battle) distances. The cartridge will disable automobile engines by damaging the block and other components within its effective range. It can be used against other targets that would defeat a 5.56mm or 7.62mm. The .50 Beowulf is easily carried and far more manageable and easy to shoot than any .50 BMG rifle. Since the .50 Beowulf is built on a standard AR receiver, there are no training issues other than recoil management.

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