Armalaser has introduced the World's Slimmest Laser System with the…

Armalaser has introduced the World’s Slimmest Laser System with the release of their new Stingray SR1 rail laser.  Only 8mm at its thickest point, with an average thickness of 6.5mm, the Stingray is on the cutting edge in compact laser design. closeupswebFeaturing a full 5mW laser output (highest allowable by law) and an incredible 3 hours of total run time, this little guy is plenty bright as well as battery-efficient. Utilizing a crisp, short-throw, tactile switch allowing for use with gloved hands, you can turn the switch on or off exactly where your trigger finger will be when drawing your pistol. It fits on any Weaver & Picatinny rail found on today’s full & medium-sized pistols and retails for $179.  Visit for more information.

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  • d arledge

    I bought a stingray laser site. The first one failed after five minutes of use. The light became dim. The replacement failed after 5 minutes with a faulty switch. These units are worthless and i hope to receive a full refund. Dont know if that will happen