ARMATAC’s 150 Round CL-MAG Magazine

Armatac Industries, a Virginia-based magazine manufacturing company, is the first…

Armatac Industries, a Virginia-based magazine manufacturing company, is the first to develop a reliable and efficient 150 round magazine for the .223/5.56mm rifle.

The CL-MAG is Designed to fit NATO standard (STANAG-4179) rifles and quickly converts a rifleman with a standard M4 into automatic support personnel. The 150 rd magazines have been routinely emptied through the standard AR-15 setup without weapon failure. The flexibility of such force multiplication makes the CL-MAG™ the most dominant accessory for the AR/M4/M16 family of weapons.

The CL-MAG™ was designed to have the lowest operating drag due to friction. The ammunition is contained individually inside the drums on sprockets, each cartridge gets its own separate space, the ammunition is picked off the sprockets when they spin, not a typical high friction convergence found on cheaper designs. This is why our drums do not require graphite lubrication to work. The drum shell is designed to guide the cartridges with ridges and this also allows for the drum shell case to accumulate chamber residue from extended high volume usage.

WEIGHT– 3.95 lbs. dry: a fully loaded 150 round CL-MAG and an M4 are lighter than an unloaded M249.

DESIGN– Ammunition is contained individually inside the drum on sprockets, affording each cartridge its own separate space. Individual rounds are picked off the sprockets when they spin, unlike other dual drum designs with high friction convergence.

To be used in conjunction with 30-round magazine as a force multiplier.

The CL-MAG external shell is constructed of durable aircraft quality aluminum. Internal components are comprised of lightweight polymers. Surface lubrication and durability is achieved with a hard anodized finish. These factors contribute to give the CL-MAG outstanding performance never seen before in high capacity magazine devices.


When installed in the rifle, the CL-MAG is the exact vertical height of a standard M-16/AR-15 30-round magazine.

The CL-MAG can replace some of the M249 belt-fed weapons with a lighter, high-volume firing automatic rifle that is a better logistical fit within military units.

Patents Pending, MSRP $997.00

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  • jay

    hey Tyler, how long have you worked for Armatac :)???

  • Michael

    The price is just flat out over kill don’t you realize everyones buying the 100 rounder because its in a affordable range and way cheaper.. so you are just losing buisness but hey what do customers know.. guess i’m off to another webpage/company to make a purchase on the 100 rounder for under 200! when you want to give me one free to ‘test’ and give you feed back let me know! but $1000 is purely insanity.

  • Fred Pezok

    I would like to field test this 150 Round CL-MAG with my Slide-Fire Stock, before I buy it.
    I have a 100 round Mag & I only paid $239 for.
    I would love to compare them against each other.
    A $1000.00, is just way too much.

  • Kim Ohman

    Very nice but for a grand or close I think get 5 c mags a carry in a large alice ruck. I know lots of guys down there like to have fun with big drums but I would want one to use in combat. Now I most like would save up and buy one but they are way over priced for what you get . There is a new 100 shoot flat mag out that costs a 180.00 I could buy 5 of them and they take up a smaller bag. I was trained never to use full auto one shot one kill DMR . If a grunt can hump 500 rds in mags ready he is ready . And with kit gear to stay out for three days. I could see a use of 2 or 3 armatacs to storm a house since some departments could afford them. Only till they come down to 500.00 each I would never really buy one .If I fell into some quick money or a good paying job sure. Armatac has just priced them self out of the market Kim

  • Ronnie

    I want one! How much?

  • Mike Deganich

    Will this twin 150 round drun fit a Ruger mini 14 , serial number starting with 580 or the latest model.

  • Tyler Ayres

    I have used this mag and its the most fun you can have outside the bedroom! worth every penny.