Assault rifle threat-stopper!

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In today’s terror-threatened society, first responders need as much protection as possible from all manner of firearms, from pistols all the way up to battle rifles. Having a degree of ballistic protection capable of withstanding hand-held and shoulder-fired firearm ammo would allow for more rapid deployment of law enforcement in an active-shooter event as well as instill in operators the confidence that they, and not the bad guy, will dominate the engagement.

Compressed Dyneema Armor

Such is the level of protection provided by modern ballistic armor featuring National Institute of Justice-rated level-III inserts. Proof was recently provided by Armored Mobility, Inc.’s SAPI-3 plate, composed of compressed Dyneema, which underwent a live-fire demonstration at Shooter’s World’s new 62,000-square-foot facility in Tampa, Florida. From a distance of 7 yards, the AMI SAPI-3 was struck near its edges by four rounds of 55-grain 5.56mm ammo and twice at center mass by 7.62mmx51mm M80 NATO FMJ ammo. As the video shows, none of the rifle rounds penetrated the AMI SAPI-3 plate—at all. Clearly, compressed Dyneema plating provides users with protection even after repeated impacts.

Protection to that degree is not only a lifesaver: It also gives operators the ability and confidence to aggressively prosecute most real-world tactical problems—even after the bad guy takes the first shot.
For more information on the SAPI-3, visit For more information on Shooter’s World, whose facility includes a world-class safari firearms room, 27 25-yard pistol ranges, seven 100-yard rifle ranges, a wide inventory of firearms and ammo, and multiple training facilities, visit

* Designed to provide level-III protection.
* To be worn in conjunction with level-IIIa soft armor.
* SAPI configuration, triple-curved for comfort.
* Resilient, weather-resistant polyurethane coating
* Dimensions: 10 inches by 12 inches
* Weight: 3 pounds
* Price: $525


  • Jack Ridge

    THIS IS ACTUALLY A NON CERAMIC PRODUCT. Even better as it does not require any x-ray testing to look for cracks.

  • Jack Ridge

    I’ve seen these tests live. The company actually drives over the plates with Armor Vehicles, throws them off roofs from 30 + feet, smashes them with sledge hammers, then continue to put 50-60 and 70 + rounds in to the plates from feet! Great kit.