ARMSON’s O.E.G. Red-Dot Sight

The Armson O.E.G. is a red-dot gunsight that requires no…

The Armson O.E.G. is a red-dot gunsight that requires no batteries; it uses a small fiber optic rod to gather light.  The O.E.G. has been around since the 1980’s, and is now being imported by Armson U.S.A.

The O.E.G., or “Occluded Eye Gunsight” uses the brain’s ability to “blend” two images- it superimposes the red dot on the object you are looking at. This requires that both eyes remain open, which most shooters agree is tactically better at closer ranges.

The O.E.G. is extremely rugged, meets all military standards, and is available with mounts for the M16, H&K, FN-FAL, Mini-14, and others. For those who distrust battery-operated sights, the Armson is a reliable alternative.

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  • Bill

    I watched the move “the 9th company” its about the soviet war with afghanistan. If the soviet troops had this site on there ak74’s they would be hitting twice as much and loosing 1/2 the guys. I talked to some troops and for extream head to head combat like in Vietnam, this site is perfect because there is no way you can line up your sights or red dot and aim in that situation