ASP Collapsible Tactical Batons

From patrol officers to SWAT team members to even members…

From patrol officers to SWAT team members to even members of our military, the ubiquitous collapsible tactical baton is an ever-present companion to those who deal with danger every day. When it comes to collapsible tactical batons, there is only one name in the minds of many – ASP (Armament Systems and Procedures). “Did we create the collapsible baton? No. However, ASP was the first to make a durable baton of this type that incorporated the features required of a modern impact weapon,” says Dr. Kevin Parsons, owner and CEO of ASP as well as the creator of the ASP collapsible tactical baton and handcuffs.

batons2So why is ASP the tactical baton maker of choice? Because ASP has made it their business to know exactly what law enforcement personnel and other security personnel need. “We make sure that each product we make is engineered to meet the specific needs of the officers on the street, and this ongoing relationship is fostered by the training we conduct around the world,” says Ken Cope, ASP’s director of sales and marketing.

Every year, ASP conducts intensive three-day baton instructor certification programs (in addition to similar handcuff programs) for more than 4,000 personnel from agencies spread out over 82 countries. Those in attendance learn the ins and outs of the innovative baton that can be deployed in a split second with the snap of a wrist.

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  • Paul Seville

    can you ship to New Zealand

  • Mark

    Mr.T – You sound like a very smart man. You should come out here on the streets without weapons or training and show us how to do it.
    Nut up or shut up.

  • Mr.T

    I hate contradiction, it is akin to injustice. Giving police training to use a variety of weapons and then putting them in a heavily populated city is obviously not going to lead to justice.

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