ATI New Ammo Line

American Tactical Imports has launched a new line of high-quality…

American Tactical Imports has launched a new line of high-quality ammunition; focusing on the demand for a quality product at an affordable price.

The new line of ammunition is available in both a 5.56 x 45 caliber and 7.62 x 51 caliber. This ammunition is available through ATI and is ready for dealer shipping. All American Tactical ammunition is boxer-primed and fully-reloadable.

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  • Alan

    I bought two cases of the ATI distributed Turkish MKE 7.62 NATO (1980 rounds) and one case of the 5.56 NATO. The 5.56 functioned well. However, the 7.62 did not. Out of a 30 round sample… EVERY single round failed. All but two rounds would would feed and eject but not cycle the action sufficiently to chamber a new round. The case rim on each round was pulled partially through by the extractor. The two remaining rounds failed to extract and the case head rim on both was ripped off, taking the rifle out of action till a cleaning rod could be borrowed from the range house. The rounds were fired out of a stock Rock River LAR-08 which performed perfectly with an assortment of other brands of ammo. The consensus is that the brass is over annealed, consequently the cases are soft and over expand and stick in the chamber, the case heads are insufficiently work hardened and cannot take the stress of extraction. Lot No: 8-1/2008. This kind of general failure tends to imply that the published factory testing standards are hogwash!