ATI’s AR15 Combo Tool

American Tactical Imports covers all of your tactical assembly and…

American Tactical Imports covers all of your tactical assembly and disassembly needs with its new AR15 combo tool.  Their AR all purpose wrench allows the user to take apart an entire rifle.  The tool is more specifically used for installing and removing buttstocks, free float tubes, barrel extension tubes, and  handguards, and is recommended for all AR15 and M16 owners.  In addition to a standard stock wrench, the new American Tactical Imports Combo tool also incorporates the addition of a M4 stock wrench.

American Tactical Imports’ AR15 Combo Tool is 7 tools in one. In addition to the uses already mentioned, the tool can be used to align barrel nuts to the gas tube without difficulty. In addition to a stock wrench tool and a compensator wrench, it features a ½ inch drive for socket and torque tension wrenches as well. The tool also fits car stocks with 3 point castle nut and locking rings. The new AR15 combo tool is finished out in a black textured hard coat, anti rust AR style finish and includes a limited lifetime warranty.  The AR15 Combo Tool has an MSRP value of $39.95.

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