ATN Javelin Flashlights

American Technologies Network, Corp.’s (ATN) new Javelin Series J600 and…

American Technologies Network, Corp.’s (ATN) new Javelin Series J600 and J600W tactical flashlights are hard-working, high-intensity lights for weapon-mounted or hand-held duty for law enforcement, security professionals, home security and outdoor enthusiasts. Both flashlight bodies are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, keeping the weight light without sacrificing strength. The ATN flashlights’ LED bulb systems provide a flawless white beam with a powerful 600 lumens for both the J600 hand-held and for the J600W weapons-mounted/hand-held lights. The flashlights are operated with a twist for constant on or a tailcap button for momentary on. Both lights mount easily to any rail mounting system.

The ATN J600 body casing is constructed from heavy duty 6061-T6 aluminum alloys providing it with enough strength to be used as a glass breaker or self-defense too in case of an emergency. This hand held flashlight with an MSRP of $199.00 is a perfect tool for law enforcement, security professionals and home security, as well as outdoorsmen and women.

The ATN J600W flashlight can be hand-carried or attached to any Picatinny/standard Weaver mount for a weapon. Another unique feature of the ATN J600W is the modular front bezel which is designed to provide a powerful defense in close quarter combat. Law enforcement personnel can also use the bright white light of the J600W as a momentary less-lethal, defensive tool causing approximately 10 seconds of temporary transient blindness in an assailant. The ATN Javelin J600W flashlight comes with a tactical control wire and has an MSRP of $269.00.

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