ATN’s Night Spirit 2 Monocular

ATN’s Night Spirit 2 is a lightweight, affordable, and versatile monocular for night vision use.

American Technologies Network recently introduced the Night Spirit-2, a rugged and light weight night vision monocular that is an amazing combination of versatility, performance and price.

The Night Spirit-2 is a hand-held monocular that uses multi-coated optics specially coated to gather light to provide bright and clear images coupled with state-of-the art quality image Gen. 2 intensifier tubes. A built in illuminator allows you to see clearly, even in total darkness. The multi-coated all glass optics is specially coated to absorb light making the Night Spirit-2 an excellent pocket scope. The Night Spirit-2 runs on a 1.5 volt AA size battery for up to 60 hours without  IR, and is water and fog resistant, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts as well as security and law enforcement. The Night Spirit-2 has a MSRP of $1,099.00.

ATN Night Spirit-2 Specifications:
Total Darkness Tech  Standard
Magnification  3X
Lens System  F1:1.2, 50mm
FOV  13°
Diopter Adjustment  +5
Range of Focus  3 m to Infinity
Controls  Direct
Power Supply   One 1.5 volt AA size or One 3 volt lithium (CR123A)
Battery Life(CR123A)  60  hours w/o IR
Operating Temperature, C  -40° C to +50° C
Storage Temperature, C  -50° C to +70° C
Environmental  Water resistant
Dimensions  210 x 75 x 60 mm 8.2” x 2.9” x 2.3”
Weight  0.65 kg/1.4 lbs.
Camera Adapter  Yes
MSRP  $1,099.00

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