Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine .30

Several shootings and events in the past decade or so…


Several shootings and events in the past decade or so have served as a stark wake-up call to law enforcement. LAPD’s North Hollywood shootout has become synonymous with the cry for patrol rifles and carbines. The simple fact of the matter is that if you’re on the receiving end of a long gun, you need a long gun, and nothing else will do. Few would argue the wisdom of outgunning the bad guys, or at the very least, meeting firepower with equal firepower.

auot.gifSWAT units are very good at what they do, and typically have access to equipment the traditional patrol officer doesn’t have access to, but realistically speaking, a good response time for a tactical team is at least an hour. Patrol officers are the ones who’ll be first on the scene, often within minutes. Waiting for SWAT isn’t always an option when an active shooter is firing on victims or officers. Seconds can matter; let alone minutes, or an hour or more.

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  • Matt Berger, I read a great article on the new Auto Ordance 30 cal. Carbine. I would love to buy one… As a matter of fact can I guy the test gun?

    Regardles can I be assured that the new little carbine will shoot as good as the report?…I don’t need sub MOA (However I would gladly pay extra for such a gun) But I would like 1″ @ 100 yrds…Please Advise..

    Also because I live in Ca. Is the Kel Tec SU 16 more accurate?…Or the Mini 14…(Though I never saw a Mini 14 that would shoot…Please Advise.

    Thank You
    Rob Berry

    Modesto Ca.
    209 529 0759