AWC’s Nexus III Suppressors

AWC’s Nexus III suppressors made our list of new and noteworthy operator hardware.


Secure the leading edge in suppressor technology with the Nexus III .45ACP suppressor. Shorter and lighter than previous models, the Nexus III is a sound/sig-nature suppressor for most .45ACP pistols. With heat-treated stain-less and titanium alloys, this system is quieter and more durable. Made for Glocks, Springfield Armory XDs, HK MK23 SOCOM, HK Tacticals, HK Tactical Combat, SIG SAUER P220 Combat and 1911s, it is offered in matte black, matte stainless or OD green finish. Get yours from AWC Systems Technology, PO Box 41938, Dept. GW/LE, Phoenix, AZ 85080; 630-780-1050;

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