AWC Systems Technology, a world leader in commercially available silencer…


AWC Systems Technology, a world leader in commercially available silencer technology, introduces the new Odyssey II™.  The Odyssey II™ is the first entry level silencer released by AWC, and is designed for use on all .22LR pistols and rifles. It incorporates the new Lynsonic technology that AWC Systems is now introducing into their entire line of suppressors.

The Odyssey II™ has an overall length of 6 inches, a diameter of .98 inches, and a weight of 5.5 ounces.  It is constructed of stainless steel and high tension aircraft grade aluminum.  This new silencer is offered in standard matte black or OD green finish.

The Odyssey II™ is the perfect suppressor for first time buyers or those recently becoming familiar with the use of silencers.  AWC Systems Technology also offers an extensive line of more sophisticated silencers to choose from for the more experienced buyers, including the Archangel “T”™, of which the Odyssey II™ is comparable with. AWC Systems Technology now invites everyone—from beginners to pros—to experience the comfort, accuracy, and enjoyment of shooting with the advanced technology, quality, and durability found only in an AWC Systems Technology product.

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  • Roger L Mercier

    Can the Odyssey II be used on a GSG-5?



  • digitspaw

    I have the Odyssey II and two P22s.

    Which item are you calling a piece of garbage?

  • Pops

    Well I have never had a problem with the Walther P-22, and my friend’s suppressed P-22 is extremely quiet and very reliable. Also easier to clean than a Ruger.

  • RJI

    Let’s hope the operator using this suppressor does not use the Walther P-22…it is a piece of garbage.