Be Armed and Ready Off-Duty

It hasn’t been that long since I’ve touched on off-duty…

It hasn’t been that long since I’ve touched on off-duty shootings in this column. I’m doing it again, since there are early indications that the year 2008 may bring a bumper crop of armed encounters to America’s off-duty police.

firstresp.gifThe following six cases all occurred during the first two weeks of 2008. A disproportionate number of them ended in tragedy; the material you’re about to read includes the deaths of three cops. It doesn’t mean we’re losing the encounters. It merely means that the murder of a cop, off-duty or on, makes national news. The day in, day out arrests and acts of courage by our nation’s hundreds of thousands of sworn officers often don’t even make the local newspapers, it’s business as usual.

This means off-duty police success stories often never reach the radar screens of those of us who try to track such things nationwide.

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