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Feed Your 300 Rifle: The Best 300 BLK Ammo

Feed Your 300 Rifle: The Best 300 BLK Ammo

The market is booming with 300 BLK Ammo -- so here's a look at some of the best out there from manufacturers like Remington and Hornady.

The AR market has exploded with 300 AAC Blackout, or 300 BLK, fervor. It seems every major manufacturer is stepping up to the plate to make these .30-caliber, suppressor-ready ARs for hunting, self-defense and tactical operations. But what about feeding your new 300 BLK beast

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While Remington was the first to offer 300 BLK ammo, several companies have joined the fray. Here are some of the best new 300 BLK loadings currently on the market to rock in your new AR-platform carbine.



Best 300 BLK Ammo evergreen Remington

Remington 300 AAC Blackout

Big Green has three 300 AAC loadings that feature low-flash powder suitable for suppressed and SBR fire and include waterproofed primers and crimped and cannelured open-tip bullets. Offerings include the 125-grain OTM, the 220-grain OTM, and the 125-grain AccuTip round. Remington also offers two UMC 300 BLK loads, a 220-grain subsonic and a 120-grain supersonic.

(; 800-243-9700)



Best 300 BLK Ammo evergreen Hornady

Hornady .300 Whisper

Hornady manufactures the .300 Whisper, which is the forerunner of the 300 Blackout. The .300 Whisper can be used in 300 Blackout guns. Pioneered by J.D. Jones, it’s a .221 Remington case necked up to .308. Hornady’s offerings include the subsonic, 208-grain A-MAX round and the supersonic, 110-grain V-MAX round.

(; 800-338-3220)

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  • Rey

    Shoot some subsonic or supersonic ozark ordnance ammo for the 300 blackout and you’ll buy it there from now on! BEWARE: of other manufacturers that don’t specialize in the round. FTF 3% failure rate with most everything I’ve ever shot. Not with Ozark Ordnance, their 300 Blackout is down to a science and with expertise.