C-MAG ADVANTAGE:  The C-MAG boosts the capacity of the…


C-MAG ADVANTAGE:  The C-MAG boosts the capacity of the M1A/M14 to 100 rounds, eliminating time and motion lost in changing magazines and the danger of having a momentarily empty weapon, increasing effectiveness and personnel survivability.

SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES are required to deploy on short notice, routinely engaged well forward, often isolated and expected to protect themselves for brief periods of time. During these periods of vulnerability, a high volume of fire is critical to survival.

The M1A/M14 as primary combat weapons for SPECIAL OPERATIONS AND INFANTRY FORCES are utilized to conduct operations throughout the operational continuum. Sufficient for regular use, the standard issue 30-round magazine is inadequate for operations demanding increased sustained firepower.

The M1A/M14 MODULAR WEAPON SYSTEM is designed to provide SPECIAL OPERATIONS AND INFANTRY FORCES with the option to customize the weapon system with accessories required for specific missions and applications to increase operational effectiveness.

MSRP $395.00

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  • Sivispace

    Special operations personnel, especially the SEALS, also rely on the Heckler & Koch G3 7.62 rifle. I own the HK 91, the civillian version of the G3. I would like to see Betaco come out with a C mag for this weapon platform.

  • chance

    im planing on getting on getting on of s&w m&15x’s and them geting on of these but i cant find them for under $234.i want to buy one before obama might pass this “not buyig guns” law and then these are illegal and are ^$500.00 on the blackmarket.if any body can help contact me on myspace,url:13fort.
    and yes im a kid,but i know a lot about guns and have been shooting since i was 12

  • troy

    yeah, would love to have a couple, but by the time i filled them up, i would have more in the ammo and mags as i do in the gun. i tell ya i think that the manufactures see we pay up for the weapon and pay up for the ammo and want to stick it to the little guy i just wanna have fun shoot alot of ammo quick and i cant forsee ever buying this mag! too pricy!