BLACKHAWK’s Knoxx Stocks

BlackHawk began production on their line of Knoxx Stocks and…

BlackHawk began production on their line of Knoxx Stocks and are expecting to deliver product at the end of Spring. The following stocks will be included in the Knoxx Stocks line:

The BLACKHAWK!® Knoxx SpecOps Stock™:
* Designed to fit any size operator with over 4 inches of adjustment.
* Utilizes the patented dual Knoxx recoil compensating systems, which reduces perceived felt recoil up to 95%; including recoil of the heaviest loads.
* Adjustable length-of-pull style stock– allows operators to use shotguns with all load bearing and ballistic tactical vests.
* Eliminates shoulder fatigue, cuts muzzle rise and allows operator to get back on the target faster.
* Fits the Remington® 870, Mossberg® 500/590/835 Maverick 88, and Winchester® 1300 series 20 and 12 gauge pump shotguns.
* MSRP $134.95

The BLACKHAWK! Knoxx Axiom V/S Rifle Stock™:
* Designed specifically for bolt-action rifles.
* Utilizes the recoil reducing SpecOps stock with a CNC-machined billet all aluminum fore-stock for maximum in stability and accuracy.
* Adjustable length-of-pull, can be quickly and easily set for any size shooter from 11.25 to 15.25 inches.
* Has two recoil suppression devices for maximum in recoil reduction
* Does not interfere the wearing of heavy coats, tactical vests, or body armor.
* Available for Remington 700 BDL short and long action rifles, Howa 1500 and the Weatherby Vanguard.
* MSRP $589.95

BLACKHAWK!’s Knoxx Axiom Ultra-Light™ Rifle Stock:
* Designed for bolt-action rifles.
* Provides the same SpecOps recoil-reducing stock but with a lightweight fiberglass reinforced fore-stock with aluminum pillar bedding.
* Adjustable length-of-pull.
* 2 recoil suppression devices weigh only 2.9 lbs.
* Available for the Remington 700 BDL short and long action rifles, Howa 1500 and the Weatherby Vanguard.
* MSRP $289.95

BLACKHAWK! Knoxx Axiom R/F Rifle Stock™ for Ruger® 10/22® rifles:
* Adjustable length-of-pull carbine stock
* A radical free float barrel channel, all made of durable reinforced polymer construction.
* MSRP is $99.95.

BLACKHAWK! Knoxx BreachersGrip™ recoil reducing pistol grip:
* Cuts recoil in half and makes firing breaching rounds or heavy loads painless and easy.
* BreachersGrip compact design can be used effectively one-handed, even with magnum loads.
* Available for Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590/835/88, and Winchester.
* MSRP $99.95

BLACKHAWK! Knoxx stocks make recoil a memory and is literally pain free. Other products include the SpecOps NRS™ stock and the NRS Less Lethal Orange stock, the SpecOps Folder™, adjustable carbine rifle buttstock, the Compstock™, and other related accessories. For more information on any of BLACKHAWK!’s Knoxx recoil reducing stocks, log on to

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  • kim wroble

    The mesa recoil reducing stock is about $100 more than knoxx..Is it worth it? I cant find any forum, or test searching “mesa vs knoxx stock”