BROWNELLS’ 360-degree rotating backup rear sight

Brownells' new 360-degree rotating backup rear sight is the first…

Brownells’ new 360-degree rotating backup rear sight is the first backup sight to help AR-15 shooters achieve proper elevation at a variety of distances.  The rotating drum design allows for close-range, 100-, 200- and 300-yard shots.

Designed for use with any standard-height front sight, the rotating rear sight conveniently folds out of the way when not in use and features a larger 0.16-inch aperture for close-range shots and three 0.07 apertures each regulated for its specific range.

Additionally, a large slotted hex nut and locking bar system securely clamps the sight in place and ensures sight repeatability, even during the harshest tactical conditions.

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  • Tony

    Where can one of these be purchased? Brownell’s dosn’t even have it on the website.