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News of catastrophic events greets you every time you turn…


News of catastrophic events greets you every time you turn on T.V or open the paper: Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards and floods kill thousands every year. In addition to natural disasters, there are potential man-made emergencies such as transportation accidents, chemical spills, civil disorders, terrorist attacks and war. Although certain areas are at higher risk for specific types of events, the fact is there is no place on Earth that is immune from a disaster of some kind. Even every-day activities like trail riding, boating, hiking or driving to Grandma’s house has the potential of becoming a life-threatening emergency for the unprepared.

In consideration of these facts I recently decided to assemble an emergency survival kit, along with taking other safety measures around my home, starting with a list of items that would come in handy in an emergency. Although my wife calls me a safety nerd, I do not by any means consider myself an expert on survival. I considered the potential threats that existed in my community and the possibility of what I would want to have with me in my car if I were stranded or had to evacuate in a hurry. After compiling the list I then prioritized items so that all gear would fit in some type of container that was small enough to fit into a car truck and even light enough to be carried on me. This would only be one part of an overall safety plan and this kit would be for my individual use.

glockgear.gifThe GLOCK Advantage
Based on my experience as a law enforcement officer, I knew that in a disaster you should expect that some people will be irrational, interested in self-preservation only or may even take advantage of the chaos to commit criminal acts. In the event of a terrorist attack or civil disorder you might have to defend yourself from violent attackers including predators of opportunity, and if you are stranded in the wilderness you might have to protect yourself from a predatory animal. For these reasons, I decided to include one of my GLOCK pistols in my survival kit. GLOCK pistols are tough, reliable and proven as a personal defense weapon. Construction features such as the polymer frame and tenifer finish on the metal parts make GLOCK pistols resistant to damage or degradation from the environment in survival situations. Another favorable consideration is that there are more than 20 GLOCK models in various calibers to choose from.  Which allows individuals to choose what is right for them.

To carry the pistol on my person after it is retrieved from the kit, I selected a GLOCK sport/combat holster. These holsters are light weight, comfortable to wear and are adaptable for wear on belts of different widths. I also chose to include a GLOCK magazine pouch, which has the same features as the holster. The polymer construction of the holster and magazine pouch make them impervious to water and bodily fluids, which would likely be absorbed by a leather or nylon holster. In addition to a loaded magazine in the pistol and the one to be worn on the belt, I included two additional magazines in the kit.

glocklight.gifGLOCK Tools for Sight
Since the GLOCK pistol I picked has mounting rails, I decided to include a GLOCK Tactical Light. GLOCK makes tactical light modules that use modern microelectronics. GLOCK Tactical Lights offer ambidexterity and simple operation with a sturdy design. A variety of different options using lights and aiming lasers are available. There are also two different switch options including a temporary/full-on switch or the variable dimmer switch. This allows one to make the most advantageous choice based on their individual needs. Just like GLOCK pistols, the GLOCK Tactical Light defies all weather and climates because of its lightweight polymer construction. GLOCK testing of the light modules has indicated that they are watertight up to a depth of 10 meters underwater. Its handy size and shape also make the GLOCK Tactical Light suitable for use as a handheld flashlight. GLOCK Tactical Lights come in a carrying case that hold two replacement Xenon lamps and one set of CR123 batteries.

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    One thing I don’t see covered in most aricles about bugging out is a means of self-defense glad you mention it here. I know we don’t like to think about it but if a bug out bag is needed there may also be a need to defend yourself against crime or attack here is a link to a good article addressing this:


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