BURRIS’ 1X-4X-24mm Xtreme Range Tactical Scope

Burris' 1X-4X-24mm Xtreme Range Tactical riflescope designed specifically for 5.56mm…


Burris’ 1X-4X-24mm Xtreme Range Tactical riflescope designed specifically for 5.56mm 62grain round and the military and competitive weapons platforms and applications most common today.

The 1X-4X XTR scope features a true 1X magnification allowing for the most natural both-eyes-open technique for the ultimate in combat or on-the-move competitive situational awareness. Beginning with a sturdy foundation of a beefed up 30mm outer tube with thicker walls, the 1X-4X XTR also features a precision HiLume StormCoat multicoated lens system yielding exceptional field-of-view, brightness, clarity, and improved performance in wet conditions.

The unique Burris XTR Ballistic 5.56 Reticle was thoughtfully designed to provide an ideal fast target acquisition solution for close to mid range work, a long range target engagement aid, low light and bright light performance, and distance measuring capabilities. The trajectory compensating feature works well with bullets from 55 grain to 69 grains. The illumination feature is powered by a common CR2032 battery with the 9 position switch located unobtrusively on the left side of the adjustment turret.

For the ultimate in both close quarters work and as a back up sight, the 1X-4X XTR is also available in a configuration which includes XTR Tactical Rings with a FastFire micro-sized red dot sight pre-mounted to one of the ring tops.

Real world pricing will be approximately $600 to $800 depending on model. Warranted Forever.


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