BURRIS’ ShotCam Sight

BURRIS’ ShotCam is a sight built for law enforcement and home defense use.

Burris’ ShotCam is a versatile and revolutionary multipurpose sight for law enforcement and home defense. The ShotCam fastens to the picatinny rail of many handguns, shotguns, and carbines. It features three technologies: 120 Lumen Flashlight; Projected Laser Sight; Digital Video Camera, all rolled up into a compact and lightweight package.

One primary application is for law enforcement officers to not only have the benefits of laser and illumination, but to also record on video an entire conflict automatically once a handgun is removed from a holster. Specialized holsters are used with ShotCam which have a special magnet molded into the plastic. A special switch on the ShotCam senses the magnet to put the unit into sleep mode. Once the handgun is removed from the holster the ShotCam is actuated and records up to one hour of video. The video can then be used as evidence to support the officer, department, and government agency. The same could be said for application in a home defense situation.

If a full hour of video is taken, ShotCam stops video recording and goes into a still frame mode capturing a 3.2megapixel photograph of what the gun was pointing at when the shot was fired. The ShotCam can be set to several modes such that any or all of it’s features can be activated automatically when unholstering a handgun, or manually. You can choose illumination only, laser only, video only, or still frame only, or any combination of these modes. The ShotCam can be quickly removed from a weapon in seconds and used in special situations as an illuminator or camcorder when these features are desired but using a weapon as a pointing devise is inappropriate.

Burrisoptics.com/shotcam. Retail price is $699.

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  • Rein

    What kind of gun is In the picture?

  • Abel Tasman

    Happy to not live in the USA

  • I think the cops should shoot Matt because he is an idiot

  • Matt

    I think it should be MANDATORY for cops to use these… that way they stop killing innocent people.

  • …that might be needful in California, where the safest place to be is on Death Row…

  • Eric in Sacramento

    I could see the need for something like this for armed citizens and not just police. That pistol-video might be handy in convincing a jury you fired only as necessary.