BURRIS’ SpeedBead Sight

BURRIS’ SpeedBead gives a shotgun sight capabilities without unnecessary weight and height.


Burris’ SpeedBead is a red dot reflex sight system provides the advantages of optics without the height, weight, or loss of balance normally associated with adding optics to shotguns.  This is made possible by a very small and lightweight sight coupled by a very innovative patent pending method of mounting the sight to the shogun by sandwiching a mounting plate between the buttstock and the receiver.

Because of the optical advantages of the SpeedBead System, both the red dot and the target are always in perfect focus. Because of optics and the mounting location, the need for a shooter’s eye to be positioned perfectly left/right and up/down to achieve consistent shot execution is eliminated.

Real world pricing is $299.  For more information on this and other Burris products, visit www.burrisoptics.com

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