BUSHIDO’s Tactical Sling Loop

  Designed for troops overseas, the tactical sling loop was…


Designed for troops overseas, the tactical sling loop was invented to prevent soldiers from needing to tie a 550 cord (parachute cord ) to their rifle buttstocks and then needing to attach it to a carabiner on their body armor. This situation not only led to a lot of wasted time trying to get it on and off in a leisurely situation, it also raised concerns of snagging when a soldier has to get the system off in a hurry.

Bushido Tactical‘s rigid design is made from Mil Spec webbing keeps the loop from collapsing, allowing easy off and on access when needed. This still allows for the Operator to engage any threats while still in the slung up position. The Tactical Sling Loop offers multiple applications to Military, Law Enforcement and Contractors which are available in Fixed or Q.D. models.  Available in Black, Foliage Green, FDE Tan and Olive Drab. Made in the U.S.A.

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