CAA Stryker Tactical Assault Gloves

We include the CAA Stryker tactical gloves in our roundup of new and noteworthy operator hardware.

CAA Stryker Assault Gloves
Command Arms Accessories has debuted protective gloves for tactical applications. The CAA Stryker Assault Gloves have been developed by a team of weapons professionals to meet the needs of military and SWAT operations. These gloves offer hand protection for thermal, cut, impact and abrasion resistance. Manufactured from a lightweight Nomex and Kevlar blend, the top sleeve and inner lining also offer protection from thermal heat, cuts and abrasions. Leather covers the injection-molded hard knuckles while the palm, fingertips and cuff have a dual leather layer for strength. The trigger finger is easily exposed by folding back the glove’s fingertip. They are available in black and SOCOM tan colors and come in medium, large and XL sizes. For more info call 267-803-1518 or visit

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