CAA’s Flashlight Grip Adaptor

Command Arms Acc­­­­­esssories’ FGA (Flashlight Grip Adaptor) was designed with…

Command Arms Acc­­­­­esssories’ FGA (Flashlight Grip Adaptor) was designed with today’s operator in mind. It combines a vertical grip and a light mount for push button, end cap flashlights into one unit. The FGA is thumb activated and can switch between intermittent to a constant “on” position. A safety switch on the side of the CAA unit is incorporated to prevent inadvertent activation of the light during covert operations. The vertical grip features a screw-cap storage compartment at the base that is capable of holding a small cleaning kit or spare batteries. One picatinny rail is included that attaches to either side or bottom of the light mount, permitting the addition of other accessories. For more info, contact:

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  • Lee Orozco

    I have this on my AR15 that I use for patrol and entry use as I have numerous flashlights and did not want to have to buy a new dedicated light for my rifle. It works great except for one flaw. I am a left handed shooter and I find that when I hold the rifle at the low ready, I have a tendency to activate the light safety unintentionally with my index finger of the support hand.

    This was a problem when we were serving a warrant and I entered a room and the safety had made the light inoperable. I transitioned to my pistol but I am looking for a way to deactivate the safety or make it more difficult to activate or I will need to remove it from my rifle.