CAA’s Flashlight Grip Adaptor

Command Arms Accessories (CAA), the manufacturer of unique and innovative…

Command Arms Accessories (CAA), the manufacturer of unique and innovative weapon accessories, offers their new FGA Flashlight Grip Adaptor.

The CAA Flashlight Grip Adaptor combines a 1” light mount and vertical grip into one unit and accommodates push button end cap flashlights. A thumb activated on/off push button is featured and incorporates both an intermittent and constant on position. A side safety switch has been added to prevent inadvertent activation of the flashlight during covert fga-cropped.gifactivities. The FGA also features a storage compartment with a screw cap base for holding a small cleaning kit or for extra batteries. Two rubber pressure switch covers with honeycombed inserts allow for customized pressure switch sizing. One 1.5” Picatinny rail is included that attaches to either side or bottom of the light mount to allow the addition of an accessory such as a laser. Thumbnuts allow for easy mounting onto a Picatinny rail, even while wearing gloves.

MSRP $69.99

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  • this grip thing is what i got one of my main ideas for a 3d flashlight for my cad class with mr kernen. thank’s a lot

  • Wil

    I’ve got this mounted on my patrol rifle. It’s a sturdy mount and has performed well. I did not attach the added short rail, as I’ve no need for it. We will most likely be putting these on all of our rifles!

  • George

    The one 1.5” Picatinny rail that is included must be installed. There are only two methods for mounting the piece of rail in one of three locations on the grip. It’s not simple. Once you decide on the position it will be “permanently” affixed to the FGA, so make sure of where you want it.

    CAA should have permanently cast three rails into the mould. Mounting the rail is a pain in the A** and once complete the rail is hardly secure.

    Great idea, poor design.