CAMPCO UZI Tactical Pen

Law enforcement professionals know that they always need to expect…

Law enforcement professionals know that they always need to expect the unexpected.  That a routine traffic stop could become un-routine at any moment.  The UZI Tactical Pen takes something as trivial as a pen and turns it into a potential life saving tool.  The most unique feature of the pen is that it employs the UZI DNA Catcher on the crown of the pen.  The sharpened crown on the end can be used to jab or poke an attacker, which will not only cause extreme pain, but it will also collect the aggressors’ DNA which can be used for future identification.

The UZI Tactical Pen is another one of the tools that every officer should keep in their arsenal for those times that they need to expect the unexpected. Made from high-grade aircraft aluminum, the UZI Tactical Pen, available in Gun Metal Gray is a very durable pen for any work condition, plus the added benefit of being a potential lifesaver! Visit for more information.

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  • The UZI tacpen is definitely a part of my everyday carry. I never leave home without it. I think its a little more practical than the “911 Jack” that D.W. Drang mentioned above.

  • ‘Way back in ’01 or ’02, some genius in SoCal was marketing a self-defense device she called the “911 Jack”. It was essentially a bronze barbecue brush worn in a holder around the neck, when attacked you would rip it out of the holder and rake it across the face of your assailant, who would (theoretically) run away crying like a girl, leaving you with a DNA sample.

    We figured you’d find the DNA sample on the bristles of the brush, forcibly inserted into the late wielders’ nether orifice, as Mongo would probably not be impressed.

    The 911 Jack is no longer around, but evidently the woman who developed it is…

  • The UZI DNA Catcher – what a nifty euphemism 😉

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