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Checklist For Your Gear on Range Day

Checklist For Your Gear on Range Day

A checklist that ensures you're focused on the most important part of your range day: shooting!

It’s a pain in the butt to drive all the way to the shooting range only to realize you forgot an important piece of gear for your rifle.

Even worse is spending hundreds of dollars on a two-day training course and showing up on day one without the proper gear to participate in the course. For instance, I was once attending a defensive rifle course in North Carolina and the fellow next to me had the batteries in his optics go dead. He went back to his car to get fresh batteries and realized he’d left them at home. What’s more, this gentleman didn’t have backup iron sights, so you might say it wasn’t exactly a fun rest of the day for the poor guy.

Obviously, he’s not the only one to ever forget batteries or another piece of gear. To ensure this doesn’t end up happening to you, let me share with you the simple checklist I go through each time I leave my house to make sure I have everything I need in order to train with my rifle.

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