CHOATE’s Telescoping AR15/M16 Stock

  Introducing Choate’s new telescoping AR15/M16 stock. This five position…


Introducing Choate’s new telescoping AR15/M16 stock. This five position telescoping stock has two storage compartments with O-ring sealed screw in caps. The storage compartments are water tight and will hold two AA or three 123 Lithium batteries in each side. The stock has a nonslip hard rubber butt plate and three places to attach a sling, one on bottom, a slot through the stock and a detachable sling swivel in the middle which can be moved from one side to the other. The aluminum recoil buffer tube and storage compartment caps are powder coated in a matte black finish.

choate-m4-stock-open-closeup.gifThis stock was designed to be the strongest, toughest AR15/M16 stock on the market. It will support the weight of the front tire on a full size pickup truck. It will also withstand the recoil from hundreds of rounds of 12 ga. 3 inch magnum buckshot and slugs. This stock is sold as a Kit and includes the recoil spring, recoil buffer, buffer tube, back plate, locking nut and stock. It is also available to fit Mil-spec tubes for people who want to upgrade there stock without removing the recoil buffer tube on there rifles with Mil-spec tubes. These stocks have our life time warranty, but are built tough enough so that you never have to use it.

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