Christensen Arms CA-15
A look at the Christensen Arms CA-15.

Durable Christensen Arms Rifle Components Individually Available

Rifle enthusiasts have their choice of carbon handguards, barrels, uppers, lowers, stocks and complete uppers from Christensen Arms.

When creating its rifle components, Christensen Arms uses the best in aerospace materials and carbon fiber technologies.

Rifle users across the U.S. are in for a treat as Christensen Arms has made those same components available for sale through their online sales channel, as well as participating retailers.

Christensen’s carbon handguards for the CA-15 AR-15 and CA-10 Recon AR-10 rifles are among the available components. The lightweight, extremely stiff carbon-fiber handguards are vented for heat disbursement and feature a patented integrated carbon Picatinny rail system.

The highly accurate carbon wrapped barrels available for the same CA-15 and CA-10, as well as for bolt-action rifles, are also on the list of components. Christensen’s 416 steel barrels for the AR-15, AR-10 and bolt-action rifles are available in several calibers.

The list continues with the CA-15 machined billet and forged uppers and lowers, made in either Cerakote or a black matte finish. The CA-15 piston-operated, complete upper machined from aerospace-grade aluminum comes with hand guard and nickel boron coated bolt carrier group.

Additional AR components include the OSS Banner Flash suppressor, the .223/5.56 titanium muzzle brake and the LTM Trigger, a Christensen Arms patented trigger system that automatically removes the chance of an AD when dropped or impacted on a surface with the safety hook feature.

For bolt-action aficionados, besides barrel offerings, the manufacturer will be making available its bolt action, cut, not cast, to its final definition that delivers extreme stiffness and all-day accuracy. Equipped with a drop magazine and a nitride coated bolt and receiver, the Christensen Arms bolt actions are available for both steel and carbon wrapped barrels.

Christensen Arms stocks are also available in Tier 1 (carbon fiber) and Tier 2 (fiberglass) configurations. The Tier 1 stocks are made from aerograde carbon materials making them light, stiff and durable.

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Christensen Arms CA-15 upper components

The Christensen Arms CA-15 upper

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