CJ WEAPONS’ Alpha & Bravo Cleaning Kits

  CJ Weapons' new cleaning kits for the 37/40mm weapons…


CJ Weapons’ new cleaning kits for the 37/40mm weapons system are gaining popularity with law enforcement and military personnel.

The Alpha Kit is made for lethal use of the 37/40mm and includes five cotton felt cleaning disks with a bore swab, a 14” ChamberMaid flex rod, a T-handle and a 37/40 mm bore brush. The kit retails for $34.95.

The Bravo Kit includes the same components as the Alpha Kit, except for the bore brush and is made for non-lethal use.  It retails for $29.95.

The 37/40mm Launcher Cleaning Kits are available on CJ Weapons web site at www.cjweapons.com

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