CJ WEAPONS’ AR-308 Bore Stay

CJ Weapons has developed a 21st Century bore guide for…

CJ Weapons has developed a 21st Century bore guide for use in the .308 caliber semi- and fully-automatic AR styled rifles.  The innovative product is designed to protect a guns’ chamber and muzzle.

212-resized-2.jpgThe AR-308 Bore Stay is approximately 10 inches long and is made from a solid piece of CNC plastic. It does not use O-rings or other parts and does utilize the same locking mechanism as the bolt system. The AR-308 Bore Stay locks in place and does not slip during firearm cleaning.

The AR-308 Bore Stay solvent port allows additional solvent to be added to the cleaning brush allowing the cleaning brush to remain in the weapon.

CJ’s 5.56 Bore Stay served as the AR-308’s base of design but Morgan updated the product for the new design.

The AR-308 Bore Stay is available for $24.95 on CJ’s website at www.cjweapons.com.

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