Cobb MCR 200 .308

Many moons ago when I was an active duty Marine…

Many moons ago when I was an active duty Marine we used the term “SASS” as an acronym for Special Ammunition Storage Space. For today’s military, SASS has a new meaning—that being “Semi-Automatic Sniper System.” When the US Military announced that it was actively seeking a standard issue semi-automatic sniper rifle, almost every manufacturer of self-loading .308s got on board and began to build their prototypes. As a student of military and firearms history I found this a bit amusing if not ironic.

swaug-cobb-2.jpgFrom the end of the Vietnam conflict through the first Gulf War, the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge was relegated from its primary battle rifle status to special purpose/limited use. The equipment focus of the US Military was on hi-tech weapons such as Tomahawk missiles and smart bombs, not the individual warfighter.

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  • charles

    Yes. I have battled on and off with feeding problems for over a year after I bought it in almost new condition. The same magazines, whether alloy or steel, tipped forward by hand, will sometimes work and sometimes not. I have had failures with no bolt forward, extraction, and magazine block of bolt carrier. When it works, its a dream. Otherwise, I am not so sure about the gun. Regret that it has no forward assist or bolt hold. I hope Bushmaster makes MCR 2.0 a better iteration.

  • Gary

    Bought a MCR 200 in .308, 24″ SS barrel, at a gun show a few months back,it appeared to be unfired condition. I shot it March 2009 for the first time, using a Simmons 44 MAG 6-20X i took off of my Bushmaster .223 I experienced jamming with both supplied DPMS Mags. I located the feed problem to be a bad throat job on one side,(the Match spire pointed ammo jammed in the upper/barrel interface).
    Also, terrible trigger, gritty and long take up.
    I will try to stone it, if that doesn’t work I will replace the trigger group.
    Anyone else experience these problems?
    Excellent accuracy, shooting one round at a time (due to jamming), I was able to get a .75″ 5 shot group @ 200 yards bench rest shooting @ 40 deg, no wind, in western Washington.

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