Colt’s LE Carbine 5.56mm

I confess to being a comparative duffer with the AR-15…

I confess to being a comparative duffer with the AR-15 format. My first experience was as an enlistee with the “Mattie Mattel” XM16E2 about 35 years ago and no more real contact until the turn of the current century. No, I’m not a real expert, but I know some real experts.

carbine.jpgThe carbine isn’t supposed to be a precision rifle. I’ve used some that could nearly meet that need. The fact is, if the 5.56mm carbine (16-inch barrel or less) shoots into 2 inches at 100 yards from the bench, it will probably do everything it needs to do.

I’ve run across a few that were scary accurate with the right optics
on board. Premium ammo helps, but that’s always been pricey. For patrol use, it’s decent ammo, good maintenance habits, a sling, combat optics with backup irons and a white light are what’s needed.

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  • duane bennett

    i am trying to find out how many law enforcement agencies have adopted the pistols chambered in 45 gap.

    • As the article was about the Colt LE6920, I didn’t research the numbers of Glock .45 GAP pistols in police service.

      Just a little follow-up, without confirming with individual agencies, shows that state law enforcement agencies in S. Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, as well as municipal agencies including P.D. Denver CO, P.D. Huntington Park CA and Fulton County GA SWAT use, issue or allow the Glock .45 GAP pistols.

      My personal test of the G37 showed it to be very accurate and reliable.