USMC’s Trijicon ACOG Sight

USMC’s Trijicon ACOG puts the bad guys on the cross hairs…or chevron!

The US Marine Corps has always stressed marksmanship training and tried to give its troops the best weapons possible to engage and destroy the enemy, whether at close quarters or long range. The award of a contract to Trijicon, which will eventually equip every Marine rifleman with an ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) was a major step towards making every Marine an even more formidable marksman.

swsp07-combatoptics-2.jpgThe original order was for 104,000 with deliveries beginning at October 2005. Although the optic adopted by the Marine Corps is basically a TA3 type of ACOG, its Marine designation is the RCO (Rifle Combat Optic).

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