Condor Outdoor Fail Safe Pack

Fail Safe Pack: Condor Outdoor’s Elite Carry Bag

The double duty assault Fail Safe Pack from Condor Outdoor Products is designed for mobility, comfort and efficiency in the field.

Condor Outdoor Products started as a camping goods manufacturer and quickly evolved into a tactical pack company with an array of incredibly strong bags for the field.

The newest addition to the company’s lineup is the Condor Elite Fail Safe Pack, which blends function and style.

The streamlined design allows users to blend in to urban surroundings. With strategically placed hidden pockets to keep all your gear organized, this double duty assault pack will keep you mobile, comfortable and efficient on the most rigorous missions, or your weekend backcountry adventure.

Condor Outdoor’s all new pack measures 21 inches high, 13 inches wide and 6.75 inches deep. It also has a volume of 16 liters.

The Fail Safe Pack has an MSRP of $133.95 and is available in black, graphite and brown.

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