CorBon Custom Recon .308

The folks at Spyderco knives have a phrase that goes:…

The folks at Spyderco knives have a phrase that goes: “First we made things sharp. Then we made sharp things.” Along that same vein CorBon could very well say that first they made things to shoot, then they made shooting things. In addition to their full catalog of ammunition for hunters, defensive and target shooters, CorBon has a custom rifle line. This year Peter Pi Sr. is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of CorBon and they have more to offer than at any time before.

swaug-corbon-1.jpgAs for the CorBon custom rifle business, it’s headed up by Peter Pi Jr. Last year I had the chance to test out one of Pete’s first custom guns. At the 2007 SHOT Show in Orlando, Pete showed me one of his newest projects. Recognizing that bigger is not always better, Pete built a compact bolt gun around the Remington 700 action.

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