Crimson Trace: Lasergrips for Springfield XD .45 ACP

Crimson Trace's revolutionary new Lasergrips® design for the Springfield XD…


Crimson Trace’s revolutionary new Lasergrips® design for the Springfield XD full-size and compact pistols is truly remarkable in its unique design. The LG-445 encircles the polymer frame of the XD and anchor in place with a locking piece that covers the beavertail. Instinctively activated by a pressure switch built into the front strap of the Lasergrips, a simple grasp of the firearm is all you need to ignite the fully integrated laser sighting system. Suggested retail price is $329.00.

Crimson Trace’s new model LG-445 features the following:
* Two #2032 lithium batteries provide over 4 hours constant on-beam time
* Master on/off switch uses new TOUCH sensor technology
* Grip texture that is nearly identical to the stock Springfield grip
* Rubber overmolding that covers activation button and master on/off touch switch to ensure hassle-free grip while shooting
* Smaller 3.3mm laser diode (vs. standard 5.6mm found in other laser sighting devices)
* All Lasergrips come with an accessory pack containing batteries, hex wrenches for laser adjustments, cleaning cloth and several cleaning swabs.
* All Lasergrips come with Crimson Trace’s standard three-year warranty

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