CRIMSON TRACE’s Defender Series Ruger LCP

WILSONVILLE, OR– Crimson Trace announces new Lasergrips for the wildly…

WILSONVILLE, OR– Crimson Trace announces new Lasergrips for the wildly popular Ruger LCP compact pistol. The model LG-431 further cements Crimson Trace’s move into the subcompact market of polymer-frame concealable handguns. The LG-431 should be available summer of 2008.

The model LG-431:
*  Adds very little mass to the already compact package of the Ruger LCP, allowing the pistol to fit most holsters.
*  Attaches directly and securely to the trigger guard of the polymer frame using two screws that add to the overall stability of this unit.
*  Clamp to the outside of the trigger guard while hugging the frame as it nears the front of the pistol.
*  Allows the laser to be closer to the bore of the gun because the laser diode is housed directly under the barrel, creating a very accurate laser sighting device.
*  Activated by a pressure switch built into the front underside of the polymer Lasergrips.
*  Uses 2 #357 silver oxide batteries or 1 1/3N 3 volt lithium battery.
*  Has both windage and elevation adjustments, allowing users to adjust the laser on their own.
*  Comes with an accessory pack that contains batteries, hex wrenches for laser adjustments, a cleaning cloth and several cleaning swabs.
*  Made in the USA
*  3-year standard warranty included

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