CRIMSON TRACE’s Ruger LCP Laserguard

  Crimson Trace's new Laserguard model for the wildly popular…


Crimson Trace’s new Laserguard model for the wildly popular Ruger LCP. The newest addition to the Laserguard product line further cements Crimson Trace’s move to design the smallest, most fully-featured laser system for subcompact polymer-frame, concealable handguns.

The Laserguard design is the most compact, instinctively activated, user-adjustable laser sighting system on the market today. The Laserguard platform was designed to overcome the design challenges posed by very small, polymer framed handguns. An innovative, tab-and-groove interlocking system attaches securely to the trigger guard for repeatable accuracy. A lip added to the base of the Laserguard below the activation button acts as an added finger groove while shooting the small LCP while not affecting holstering ability. Installing the Laserguard does not require any pin removal, the use of firearm screws or the disassembly of the firearm.

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