Custom Remington M700 BDL .270 Win.

Many shooters are familiar with the Remington M700 as being…


Many shooters are familiar with the Remington M700 as being one of the best bolt-actions ever made. They’re also aware that the .308 cartridge and the M700 go so well together that they’ve practically become the status quo of the tactical precision rifle world. Though the .308 is without a doubt a perfectly good cartridge, few realize that there are other cartridges that go equally well or even better with Remington’s M700 action.

remigton2.gifOne of these is the ubiquitous .270Win, especially with the right 130-grain bullet. In conjunction with a properly developed load, the .270Win and M700 go together so well that they produce one of the best tactical precision combinations ever conceived.

First, let’s take a look at the cartridge. Many bullet weights and designs are available for the .270Win, but it has always been at its best with a 130-grain bullet. I have long been a fan of the .270 130-grain and have used it for more than 30 years in a number of sporting rifles to take dozens of trophy deer and elk.

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  • Mike Boorum

    i would like to know who did the build on this rifle becuse i agree with the authors assesment of the over looked 270 win i have just saved up for the USOptics that i’v been wanting now looking for a rifle to go under it would i do just as well to buy a stock 700 in 270 and make improvements as i can or should i just save for the custom build from my smith of choice?