Dead Air Flash Hider Mount Sandman Suppressor

Dead Air Releases Flash Hider Mount For Sandman Suppressor

The all new Flash Hider mount from Dead Air Silencers was designed specifically for the company's Sandman series of suppressors.

Dead Air Silencers’s Sandman is one of the hottest suppressors of 2015.

Now, after demand from its customers, the company has released its long-awaited Flash Hider mount for the Sandman series of suppressors.

The flash hider has a unique patent pending design featuring mass shifted equal length tines. The end result is a flash hider that does not “ping” when used with the company’s suppressors.

Threads for the flash hider are 1/2×28 and 5/8×24.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the flash hider retails for $89 and is available now.

For more information on the Flash Hider from Dead Air Silencers, please visit

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