'Deuce and a Half': Multi-Mission M35 Trucks lead
'Deuce and a Half': Multi-Mission M35 Trucks

‘Deuce and a Half’: Multi-Mission M35 Trucks

Classic 2.5-ton M-35 trucks reborn for off-roading, bugging out and surviving today’s threats!

It seems like there is no place in the U.S. that is completely free of natural disasters, or at least the possibility of one. On the East Coast and the Gulf, you have to worry about hurricanes. Up north, you have blizzards that can leave you stranded and without power for weeks. Down south and out west, you have the threat of tornadoes. On the Pacific coast, you have tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes to contend with. Not to mention that most places can also be susceptible to floods or mudslides as well. Where I live, close to our nation’s capital, we live under the threat of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, terrorism and politicians.

Local law enforcement and emergency management agencies are usually pretty well equipped for most of these scenarios, and they have a good reason to encourage the less prepared to stay off the roads. But, as with most things, budgets are tight and emergency vehicles don’t come cheap. Many smaller agencies may not have access to large and powerful evacuation or emergency supply vehicles, and individuals are even less well equipped. And if you live out in the country, emergency responders will have an even harder time getting to you when the levee breaks and the roads are gone.

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Back in 1951, the U.S. military introduced the six-wheel-drive, 2.5-ton M35 cargo and troop transport truck, also known as a “deuce and a half.” Thanks to 50 years of federal government procurement policy, you can pick up a used, good-condition “deuce” for a song, or less than $10,000.

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  • Colin

    that’s actually the MLVW (Medium Logistical Vehicle Wheeled) that replaced the 50’s era deuces in the Canadian army. It was patterned off of the deuce design, but not the most successful version. this one is fitted as gun tractor and has ammo racks under the bed of the truck and is pulling a 105mm C3 Howitzer, which is an upgraded 1950’s gun. the MLVW has been replaced with a slightly modified Sterling truck, the 105’s are failing with no replacement in sight.