USA CCW & Firearm Training Digital Portable Firearm Vault

Digital Portable Firearm Vault: USA Firearm Training’s Portable Safe

The Digital Portable Firearm Vault from USA CCW & Firearms Training is constructed of 16-gauge cold rolled steel and runs on four AA batteries.

Gun safety is an important part of being a gun owner.

USA CCW & Firearm Training has released a new small and effective digital push button gun safe: The Digital Portable Firearm Vault.

Ideal for home, travel, and portable storage, the Digital Portable Firearm Vault takes four AA batteries (not included) and has a key override.

The safe has four buttons on the top of the safe that can easily be pushed by a single finger or by individual fingers. The combination can be from one to four digits and once entered the door will pop open. The combination can be changed if the user can access the inside of the safe.

Constructed of 16-gauge cold rolled steel, the safe is as tough as can be with a scratch and impact resistant powder-coat painted finish. The safe has four rubber feet and two mounting holes at the bottom of the case.

If the batteries die or if you forget your code you can use either of the two provided keys to open the safe.

Users can turn off the digital beep sounds associated with the key buttons if they don’t want intruders to hear them opening the safe.

The safe can be secured to a surface with mounting screws or with the included security cable.

The Digital Portable Firearm Vault retails for $89 and is available now.

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