DM PREMIUM OPTICS’ 3x and 4x Magnifiers

DM Premium Firearms, manufacturers of firearm accessories, is pleased to…


DM Premium Firearms, manufacturers of firearm accessories, is pleased to introduce DM Premium Optics 3x and 4x Magnifiers for use with all holographic and red dot optics. DM Premium Optics has taken a unique approach to magnifier design by manufacturing a high quality magnifier using the best quality components at a competitive price point. DM Premium Optics deliver a blend of reliability, high performance and value.

DM Premium Optics start with a 6010 aluminum housing with a non reflective hard anodized black finish. Magnification is accomplished using optic quality coated lenses resulting in the highest light transmission possible. These lenses have up to 20 coatings per lens depending on location in the magnifier. The final assembly uses a rubber eye relief installed and then the unit is fully sealed and nitrogen filled to eliminate fogging. These features ensure a high quality magnifier for a lifetime of use.

Another feature of the DM Premium Optics Magnifiers is the mounting systems. Both the 3x and 4x magnifiers come complete with the DM Premium Adjustable Mounting System. We designed a sturdy tactical style, 6 bolt 30mm mount that features windage adjustability in order to align the magnifier with all optics on the market. Many low end magnifiers use solid mounts that are impossible to align to the variety of optics available. DM Premium Optics mounts are manufactured from 6061 aluminum with a non reflective hard anodized black finish. Also supplied is a DM Premium Optics 6061 aluminum riser block to use with higher mounted optics.

Finally DM Premium Optics are all packed into a full color box using individual foam compartments for the magnifier, mount, and riser block along with the necessary Allen Keys for installation. The DM Premium Optics Adjustable Mount and the DM Premium Optics Riser Block are available separately and are packaged in hanger display bags with full color toppers.

3x Magnifier MSRP: $299.00
4x Magnifier MSPR: $359.00

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  • Reasonable price, fit behind my Eotech 552. With the flip to side mount it rode a little high, but i corrected it with a tiny bit of jimmy rigging. All in all, hasn’t let me down yet. I did notice, however, that the spring on the flip 2 side has been getting weak with time. Maybe because i store it in the closed position (like storing loaded magazines). It just doesn’t flip like it did the day i got it.

    Good quality, can’t tell the difference between it and my eotech magnifier, except for the size.

  • Bruce Keiper

    I have seen the magnifiers and can confirm that they are a well thought out and high quality addition to any red dot or holographic optic system. The reasonable price is an added bonus to a fine product.