doublestar oops! replacement kit
Photo by DoubleStar

DoubleStar Debuts the Oops! Replacement Kit for AR-15s

The Oops! Replacement Kit is designed with every AR-15 owner in mind.

Looking to make a few repairs or replacements on your AR-15? It’s ok, you can admit it. DoubleStar has you covered with its new kit called, charmingly, the Oops! Replacement Kit. This kit includes the most commonly lost or worn springs and detents in the AR-15 platform.

In short, this is a must if you own an AR-15. The kit is available at a suggested retail price of $15.99. Check out what it includes below.

  • Four takedown detent springs
  • Four takedown detents
  • Two buffer detent springs
  • Two buffer detents
  • Two firing pin retaining pins
  • Two extractor springs with bumper pads
  • Two selector springs / ejector springs
  • Two selector detents

For more information on the Oops! Replacement Kit, visit

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