ELITE IRON Suppressor Wraps

Elite Iron offers a unique cover for sound suppressors of…

suppressor_coversa11Elite Iron offers a unique cover for sound suppressors of nearly every size and shape. This proprietary “wrap” not only allows the operator to comfortably handle a hot suppressor. The material used is flame retardant. The wrap also provides a platform to attach camouflage elements such as Gillie suit material, brush, branches, etc. The eyelets and drawstring lacing provide ample opportunity for attaching and arranging material from the environment to provide optimum concealment.

Elite Iron Suppressor Wraps come in almost every size. And although there is a Wrap to fit every Elite Iron suppressor, our Suppressor Wraps can fit most every sound suppressor available today. The model number, sizes, colors and prices are listed below.

Visit www.eliteiron.net for more information.  MSRP ranges $39.95 – $66.95

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