EOTECH Cross(X) Power Source 2-0: XPS2-0 Sight

The EOTECH Cross(X) Power Source 2-0: XPS2-0 is the brand’s latest HOLOgraphic weapon sight.

The XPS2-0 is the latest addition to the EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight (HWS) family.  The XPS2-0, or Cross(X) Power Source, maintains many of the same speed and accuracy benefits, but now in a smaller, more lightweight package.  EOTech has redesigned the HWS body to accept a single, transversely positioned, CR123 Lithium battery.  The new XPS2-0 requires much less rail space than the discontinued N alkaline battery sights and provides roughly three times the battery life (approx. 600 hours).  In addition, the XPS offers three incredibly fast reticle options that includes a new 2-dot pattern that is ballistically calibrated to the .223 round.  Offered in both night vision and non-NV, the XPS2-0 is the shortest and lightest HWS developed to date, and ideal for any shooting situation and weapon platform. Visit www.eotech.com for more information.

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