EXTREME SHOCK AMMO .223 Short Ranged Tactical

Extreme Shock Ammunition has added the .223 100 grain Short…

Extreme Shock Ammunition has added the .223 100 grain Short Ranged Tactical (SRT) to its line of tactical ammo.  This specific round was engineered for Close Quarters Combat (CQB) applications and training purposes.

The SRT’s 100 grain projectile is a frangible, lead-free design that will fragment on harder surfaces that would typically cause a lead-core bullet to ricochet.  This projectile consists of a compressed tungsten powder core that is encased in a high quality copper jacket, with a special DuPont coating to reduce the velocity.  It all works to produce lower recoil and minimize muzzle flash, thus enhancing the ability to acquire second shot placement faster.

The dense tungsten core allows it to penetrate less dense materials with ease, while still remaining frangible.  The velocity of this design allows it to travel slow enough to penetrate windshields without deflection, yet fast enough to still fragment inside a soft target.  With 745 ft. lbs. of energy combined with a 100% kinetic energy drop (which is an advantage over the over-penetration of lead-core munitions), this round is the safest yet most lethal CQB/Training round manufactured anywhere in the world today.

The 100 grain SRT has an MSRP of $41.27 for a 20 round box.

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